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Preserving & improving the off-road trails on the Tonto

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Our staff and volunteers spend thousands of hours in the forest and so we are very familiar with the OHV opportunities available. Our carefully crafted and expanding portfolio of OHV area maps can help you navigate to popular trails and sights.

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As a non-profit, a substantial portion of our funding comes from contributions from the public and from business partners. Together with your support we can leave the Tonto a better place for generations to come.

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The Tonto National Forest, one of the largest National Forests in the country, spans 2.9 million acres and has about 3000 miles of trails that provide an incredible wealth of opportunities for off-road exploring and adventure. These trails need regular attention to keep them signed and maintained.

The Tonto National Forest
Million Acres of Forest
Trails to Maintain
Miles of Trails
Kevin Patterson, TRĀL Founding Member

"If we don't take care of our trails, who will? This is a job for the whole Arizona OHV community!"

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Tonto Recreation Alliance

Who We Are

Tonto Recreation Alliance is a non-profit partner of the Tonto National Forest. We work to preserve and improve the off-road experiences available in the Tonto. Our efforts allow the forest to keep hundreds of miles of trails open that might otherwise be closed.

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