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Preserving Access to Tonto National Forest Trails

Join the Tonto Recreation Alliance (TRĀL) in advocating for responsible Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) recreation and ensuring the preservation and availability of trails in the Tonto National Forest.

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Who We Are: Tonto Recreation Alliance (TRĀL)

The Tonto Recreation Alliance (TRĀL) is an Arizona non-profit 501(c)3 volunteer group dedicated to keeping trails and roads in the Tonto National Forest open for OHV recreation. We promote responsible OHV recreation, engage in volunteer trail work, foster cooperation among various user groups, and provide public education on OHV issues. Our diverse membership includes all types of OHV users, including four-wheel drive enthusiasts, ATV riders, UTV/Side-by-side drivers, dirt bike riders, and trials bike enthusiasts. All are welcome to join our mission of preserving and enhancing the OHV experience. Our dedicated volunteers invest their time in a wide variety of OHV-related projects to ensure that our trails remain open and that users have a fantastic recreational experience. We rely on the generous donations of our supporters to continue this important work and ensure that future generations can enjoy the privilege of OHV recreation.

Our Commitment: Advocating for OHV Recreation

At TRĀL, we are passionate advocates for OHV recreation and actively engage in various activities to support this cause. Our major programs:

  • Advocate for OHV recreation in the Tonto National Forest.
  • Inspect/Monitor all 3000+ miles of OHV trails in the Tonto and maintain trail signage.
  • Perform OHV trail maintenance through the efforts of our fantastic volunteer teams.
  • Provide printed OHV maps posted in popular areas.
  • Provide an interactive electronic OHV user map for smart phones and tablets.
  • Work with the Tonto and partners on education about responsible recreation.

Join Our Community of Outdoor Enthusiasts

Our volunteers and supporters are a diverse group of people who share a love for the outdoors and a passion for responsible OHV recreation. They come from all walks of life, seeking a better understanding of how the Forest works and a desire to contribute to the preservation of great OHV trails and experiences. Whether you want to volunteer, get involved, or represent a business that values exceptional OHV experiences for customers, we welcome you to join our community. Together, we can ensure the availability and sustainability of OHV recreation for future generations.

Make a Difference: Get Involved in OHV Recreation

Land management agencies like the Tonto National Forest no longer have sufficient resources to inspect and maintain the vast network of trails within the forest or support new projects that enhance our recreational experiences. That’s why our work at TRĀL is critical. By getting involved in our OHV projects and programs, you can have fun while experiencing all that the Tonto National Forest has to offer. Your support as a volunteer or donor is essential to ensure that our off-roading privilege remains accessible for future generations. Join us today and be a part of preserving and enhancing the OHV experience!